Sunday, October 1, 2017

Auspicious Beginning!

I never saw this coming — Oil-Electric turning 10 years old!

Thanks to Kurt Clark, a fellow rail fan and frequent Blogger. I followed his wise advice to quit sparring with a popular rail fan posting site, and create a Blog, where I could post real images of of trains and locomotives in fog or rain, with opposing lighting, and write a description as long or short as I wish.

Oil-Electric by the “numbers:”
• 1,559,422 page views
• 800 articles written.
• 11K hours spent on computer, researching and writing.
• Hundreds of photos processed through PaintShop Pro and Photoshop.
• Hundreds of emails and phone calls requesting photo permissions and vetting information.

The Blog has connected me with a few threads back to my younger years in Prince Rupert, has connected several people who had lost track of each other, and enabled me to contribute to more than one book currently in production.

My ramblings have covered more than railroading. It is impossible to point to one story that I enjoyed researching most, but IF I had to pick out the most memorable, it would have to be my encounter with Shell.

To have three of the most unusual vessels anchored side by side in Port Angeles harbor — well just doesn't get any better!

Thank you for your continued readership and encouragement!

 Robert in Port Townsend

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Anonymous said...

It was my pleasure Robert. Happy Anniversary to you :)

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