Sunday, September 6, 2015

Rain Obviates Essex Disaster!

From Interagency Situation Report, Sunday September 6th.

• Sheep Fire, Flathead National Forest Approximate Size: 2,171 acres Structures Lost: None

• Fire Update: The Sheep Fire is on the Flathead National Forest and burning in very steep terrain with limited access. The fire is about 1 mile south of Essex and about 1/8 mile from the train tracks between Tank Creek and McDonald Creek.

 • Structural protection measures have been removed. Crews will continue to monitor fire.

•  US Route 2 open; Amtrak "Empire Builder" on schedule.

•  The forecast calls for a 100% chance of a wetting rain for the fire.  Precipitation for this disturbance will be between 1/2 to one inch. 

This was but one of hundreds of fires burning in the Pacific Northwest, Alaska and Canada:
•  Alaska: 145 active fires
•  British Columbia:  83
•  Alberta:  30 fires burning, all under control.
•  Saskatchewan:  11
•  Washington:  29
•  Idaho:  39
•  Montana:  31
•  California:   34

The Face of Firefighting

When the media "reports" on forest fires, they superficiality loop (repeat) dramatic shots of  airborne water drops, and night shots of violent fires.

That is not the accurate take away picture you should be recording.

Forest fires are fought by human beings; men and women, who have have a deep seated desire to protect our most vulnerable resource. They come from all ages; ethnic, geopolitical.

Forest (wildland) fires require back breaking work, under the worst conditions — smoke, heat, dust — by highly motivated firefighters, including Federal, county, city and municipality, contractors, citizen volunteers, and even prison inmates.

And even though British Columbia has its share of wildland fires, the Province felt an obligation to assist the massive fires in Washington.

And behind the scenes, an army of wildland fire and logistic specialists, to keep the flood of media information flowing,

and keep food for the firefighters, and fuel for equipment, flowing uninterrupted  through the conclusion of the incident.

Hand-line crews may end up  "hunkered down" near the fire line, slightly less comfortable than in base camp tent cities...

 Bonjour! Comment allez-vous?

In addition to fire crews from Australia and New Zealand, first ever assistance from Quebec!

We thank them for their efforts! 

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thank you for providing the face of 'heros'- words can't begin to describe gratitute towards all these people who have come face to face with hell. (as a side note, too bad Kim Guilfoyle of FOX has declared these young women too dumb for juries or voting.) Thanks again for your effort and research . Well done!

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