Thursday, August 13, 2015

Macabre Beauty!

A macabre effect created by the large number of forest fires burning in the Pacific Northwest, are the brilliant sunsets and sunrises, as the sun struggles to shine through heavy atmospheric smoke concentrations.

This was the scene here in Port Townsend this morning, as the M/V Horizon Anchorage made her way in-bound for the Port of Tacoma, bathed in the ethereal light of a smokey sunrise.

Major fire outbreaks, some approaching record numbers, here in the Pacific Northwest include:

•  Alaska
•  British Columbia
•  Washinton
•  Oregon
•  Idaho

On May 21, 2015, Governor Jay Inslee declared drought conditions throughout the State of Washington, citing the fact that “...mountain snowpack is at record lows, and many streams and rivers are flowing at record - low levels.” (Statewide Drought Declaration, May 21, 2015.)

This coming from a state renown for rain; "if it's raining, it must be Seattle!"

Dozens of cities and municipalities, including my home in Port Townsend, have declared water restrictions.

Of course, if you don't believe Climate Change, then there is no cogent reason for not using water! After all, we've experienced heat waves before, "and it is summer ..."

While Inhofe was making his ridiculous assertion in Washington D.C., the rest of the world was experiencing "warmer," "much warmer," or setting "record" temperature readings.

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"Climate Change is not a prediction, it is already here!"

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