Saturday, May 9, 2015

A Cart in Font of a Horse?

I never dreamed I'd see day an advertisement for marijuana would appear in my local newspaper.

Interesting precautionary warning at the bottom of the ad.  I've heard pot wasn't addictive. Many users swear it does not impair concentration, coordination, or judgment, but sharpens awareness, etc.

I "inhaled" several times back in the '70's, and it scared the bejabbers out of me. I felt I could easily become addicted.

Administration and distribution of "pot" has become a Comedy of Errors here in Washington State. The Legislature passes a law legalizing recreational use of marijuana, without any thought as to how to regulate the distribution and sale.

•  Cities and Counties can opt "in" or "out" allowing sale and usage, similar to states with counties that allow the sale of booze.

•  Banks can't deal with the money because they are regulated by the Feds, who will still lock you up for selling and using it.

• And how do you enjoy this hallucinogen all weekend, not knowing if you are going to be yanked off the job on Monday for a random drug test, which could result in you having to look for another job?

Talk about a classic case of ...

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