Saturday, July 26, 2014

Addio Costa Concordia! - Update

I've located located a web cam in Genoa dedicated to the arrival of the Costa Concordia Sunday morning.

Page translates thus:

Follow live the arrival of Concordia from our webcam.

Our webcam will tell you about the crucial phases of the arrival of the Costa Concordia to Voltri, new AGE scheduled for Sunday morning

All operations at the port of entry Voltri of Costa Concordia will be followed live from our webcam, that we in the crucial phase of rapprochement with zoom properly so as not to miss any detail of this historic operation.

The North wind blowing today on Genoa could slow slightly the last miles of the Costa Concordia to Genova Voltri, but weather forecasts remain more than positive for the approaching convoy the way end point.

The new ETA planned, since the Concord has slowed to 1 speed node and is not taking the direct route but is going off track of about twenty degrees, if it were to remain constant this velocity, is for 9.50 on Sunday morning. About 20 miles to go to be in sight ahead of Genoa, 24 to Voltri.

In this link the webcam live:

Click on SECOND ENTRY:   Segui in diretta l'arrivo del Concordia dalla nostra webcam

Click here for current time in Genoa.


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