Friday, February 14, 2014

Locomotive "Respecting" a BMW!

Really enjoying the "Putin Games." Too bad the weather is screwing up the slopes. That happens when you host winter games at a summer resort.

Be that as it may, of the hand full of commercials that I consider cleaver and entertaining, the BMW X5 commercial, "Respect," caught my attention, wondering what type of locomotive is it, and what railroad does it operate on.

The premise is that not only a biker swarm, but also a train stops in respect of a passing BMW X5.

Are you able to identify the locomotive? It seems to be electric, with a modified GM type nose. And it's obviously in the Alps or Pyrenees. I've pointed out the "clues;" now lets some answers!

Send me your solution by clicking on the E-Mail mail box button in the right hand margin.

Top of my Sochi Winter Olympics commercials list, as usual, United Airlines. "Athletes Aboard," features George Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue," composed in 1924.

The "passengers" include, with their social media tags:
•  Gracie Gold, Figure Skating: @GraceEGold
•  Shani Davis, Speedskating: @ShaniDavis
•  Sarah Hendrickson, Ski Jumping: @schendrickson
•  Erin Hamlin, Luge: @erinhamlin
•  Ralph Green, Para Alpine Skiing: @bkskiman
•  Dallas Roberts, Bobsled: @DRobUSA
•  Allison Jones, Para Alpine Skiing: @Jonezyrocks
•  Steve Langton, Bobsled: @StevenLangton
•  Nick Cunningham, Bobsled: @BOBSLEDR
•  Travis Jayner, Speedskating: @travisjayner
•  Curt Tomasevicz, Bobsled: @ctomasevicz
•  Melanie Schwartz, Para Alpine Skiing

In second place, so far, "Cool Runnings," presented by Carnival Cruise Lines. Spot combines a four-man bobsled team accompanied by the theme music from "Chariots of Fire." This is the long version, at 1:00, showing more detail of the "team."

And now, back to the Games …

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