Thursday, December 19, 2013


Union Pacific Railroad 229, Argo Yard Seattle, February 9, 1961.

Access at Argo, like everywhere else in Seattle in those days was not a problem. You could darn near drive your vehicle up to the units – except at Interbay, where you could park right behind the round house.

It's a miserable cold and wet day when I located this unit awaiting assignment at Argo Yard. She needs a good bath!

In a cost saving measure, Union Pacific ordered 40 of these units – 205 through 244 – without dynamic brakes, which limited their use to tidewater and undemanding gradients.

Railroad Stuff: Union Pacific Railroad 229, built by EMD as a GP-9, 1,750 hp, in January 1954, serial number 19115. Retired in October 1980.

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Eric Gagnon said...

I had an Athearn Geep like this in HO scale, Robert. But...I painted it as BNML 2, the Burlington Northern unit in Winnipeg! Nice looking unit regardless.

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