Saturday, July 14, 2012

"All Around a Water Tank ..."

By the time our family "landed" in Prince Rupert in 1957, there were only a handful of steam locomotives on the Skeena Subdivision.

Two Pacific's headed up the passenger train, the CNR 5149 and 5152. The 0-6-0 switcher CNR 7536 was towed to the Jasper Dead Line, replaced by a slick new General Motors Diesel (GMD) SW9 7242. The Time Freight was dieselized, and only two or three Consolidations worked a local log train and work trains.

All were gone by the end of 1957.

CNR 2513 East Bound in the hole at Tyee
Spreader 51049 and caboose
This photo shows the 2513 at the water tank at Tyee, Skeena Sub MP 92.8. Tyee siding is where the Armored Train tied up, dozens of miles from the beer and ladies in Prince Rupert!

Steam Dead Line, Jasper Alberta
Left to right, CNR 2509, 2496, 2513, 2508

The Dead Line at Jasper Alberta was slowly but surely filling up with decommissioned steam locomotives, as quickly as General Motors Division in London Ontario could hatch Geeps and Cab units. As a matter of fact, the 2513 is the third engine to the right in this shot of the Jasper Dead Line!

Looking at this photograph conjures memories of the "Singing Brakeman," Jimmie Rogers performing "All around a water tank … waiting for a train."

Railroad Stuff: CNR 2513, Consolidation 2-8-0, Road Class N-2-b, 63" drivers, built 1918, Montreal Locomotive Works.

About the car.  Mikes 1950 Morris Minor with an "L head" motor and great gas mileage!

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