Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas 2011

Seasons Greetings from Robert (and GingerSnap) in Port Townsend! We hope you are able to make the best of whatever situation life may find you in at this time.

My mom made the wreath and Santa locomotive back in the 1960's. It has survived a dozen marriages and hundreds of moves. It recently won First Prize in the annual "decorate your front door contest" where I dwell.

And what is Christmas without Christmas music! One of my favorites back in the days when I was a country-western deejay. From 1970, "Country" Charlie Pride!

Wednesday is the first day of Summer. That is, if you live in Brasil, South Africa, or Australia. Here in the Northern Territories, it is the first day of winter. From now on, the days will be getting longer, by an average of two minutes per day. Time to get the tank tops and shorts in the washer!

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Thanks for the wonderful 'Christmas' card from you and your lovely assistant. Loved the music video- wreath is lovely, you deserved to win.
Each day is a blessing for what we have right now. Peace and joy in the New Year, Lesley

oamundsen said...

I wanted to send a link to you about the news of Vale putting up its huge ore carriers for linking ability via your email link does not work because of some problem with my system...can you send me your email address via mine? oamundsen at Thanks, Ole

Love your door wreath! Merry Christmas to you.

Eric said...

Hi Robert,

Your a-wreath-a definitely deserves Respect.

Charley Pride is coming to Belleville, just west of Kingston, to do a concert soon.

We were assured by the CBC meteorologist that each day is getting progressively, if minutely longer now.

All the best of the season,

Robert in Port Townsend said...

oamundsen: Thank you for thinking of me concerning Vale's misadventure at Ponta da Madeira. I am on top of the sale, having posted my remarks on,2.0.html.

Apparently I was too clever with the airmail stamp "email" button ...

Eric: Yes, I had looked at Charlie Prides itinerary. Startled to see he's still "on the road." One of cw's true gems.

Marian Ann Love said...

Merry Christmas Robert all the way from Mississippi! Love your wreath, dog and music...very nice! Marian :)

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