Monday, December 12, 2011

All Gone!

It's an overcast Tuesday afternoon, March 28, 1961, just west of Ellensburg, Washington. Four General Electric box cabs, E39A-D, plus three General Motors GP9's have been stopped to pickup train orders.

The fireman kept motioning to me, so after I took the shot, I headed over to see what he was trying to communicate. He was saying, "Watch out for rattle snakes!"

Then the growlers begin to moan and groan easing into the grade ahead. The conductor grabs his set of flimseys on the fly. Every amp will be needed for the Cascade crossing ahead, before descending to Black River Junction.

Soon the train is gone. And now, it's all gone ...

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LinesWest said...

Thanks o-e, what nice images of the place and time.


LinesWest said...

A second comment - The freight cars in the second picture are great reflections of the period as well. Wabash, PFE, what do you think the third is? The herald looks round, CEI comes to mind...

Anonymous said...

I moved to Ellensburg the Sumer of 62. I fondly remember the box cabs coming thru.

Then the worlds fair and the Mono rail.


Bill Hobart

Eric said...

Very cool early 'toasters' Robert. Merry Christmas to you and yours, and watch for an upcoming seasonal post on Trackside Treasure!


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