Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Cute Toy with No Future!

While I am sure that younger folk take all this Internet stuff in stride, I am old enough to remember standing in line for two hours to have five minutes to play with an Apple Computer.

I believe it was in 1986.

When I got back to the office, my partner asked me what I thought about it, and if it would be of value to our upstart video production company. I told him "No - it's just a cute toy with no future…"

Now, rapidly approaching 70 - I spend several hours a day on this "toy with no future." It allows me to go to wonderful places around the world; I cannot get enough of it. Doing research for my Blog has made it possible for me to experience a cornucopia of fascinating and entertaining experiences.

I appreciate the maturity of video. What a major improvement from early day hurky-jerky pixilated video to High Definition quality. I am amazed!

For our readers who are not familiar with all the features available whilst watching a video on a computer monitor, a reminder that you can literally fill your screen with the video you are watching by clicking on the odd button with four arrows at the bottom right corner of the playback screen.

To return to "normal" click on the "ESCape" key on your keyboard.

In researching for several articles, I recently encountered a few video clips you may find interesting. There is a phenomenon sweeping various countries called "Train Surfing." You have to see it to believe. Guaranteed to give a Special Agent a heart attack!

Extreme. A German known as "the trainrider" shot this video. Before he died from leukemia, he enjoyed the last year of his life by surfing on trains. Included Germany's fastest High-speed train ICE with a top speed of 330 km/h(!) No one did that before.

Ah, sweet days of youth! This young Swede may survive youth and become an accountant!

You may have seen Nissan's new commercial, hinting of a new design in PCC's - Pure Car Carriers. Once an ugly ducking box on the high seas, Nissan's m/v City of St. Petersburg with its Semi-Spherical Shaped (SSS) bow, is a beauty to behold!

Finally, you may or may not be aware that Thailand is suffering the most devastating flooding in recent history. Translating the YouTube posters message from Thai to English, it reads:

"Special train to the airport, Don Muang - Bangkok - Don Muang. State Railway of Thailand. This video was filmed on Northern Railway Route on suburb of Bangkok, Ayuthaya Province, October 19, 2011."

Definitely demonstrates the versatility of diesel-hydraulic vis à vis diesel-electric!

Notice the speed limit sign - "40." Would that be in kilometers or knots? And should there be a slow order (No Wake) zone when passing close to (abeam) homes and structures?

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Unknown said...

A network connection on my Computer is what made it valuable. I can't imagine sitting in front of one for as long as I do, without having a link to the outside world. With no link, definitely just a "Cute Toy." said...

Incredible video 'train surfing' new meaning to "Watch your wake"

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