Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Vale China Launched

The second of 19 Valemax vessels, the Vale (pronounced "valley") China has been launched. Vale's newly appointed CEO Murilo Ferreira traveled over the weekend to China to attend the launch ceremony at the shipyard of China Rongsheng Heavy Industries in Nantong on July 10th.

The first 400K DWT Vale Brasil was launched at Daewoo South Korea in May. She loaded out at Ponta da Madeira Brazil, and had been routed to China, when she was inexplicably re-routed to Taranto Italy, where she will arrive this week.

Reading between the lines

Is it not curious to you, that the first Valemax, Vale Brasil, on her maiden revenue voyage, was diverted to Italy whilst half way to China. Mumbo-jumbo about paperwork clearances. It is not like the Vale Brasil was unexpected at Dalian, where dredging has been going on for months.

Now there is high expectation is that the Vale China will indeed be loaded out at Ponta da Madeira, and routed to China.

Could it be petty politics that the Vale Brasil was built in South Korea, and the Vale China was built in China?

Let me know what you think. Delayed paper work or petty politics?

In addition to the 400,000 dwt's ordered by Vale, construction has begun on the first of four VLOC Oman Shipping Company has ordered. On July 8th in Nantong, the steel cutting ceremony for two 400,000 DWT VLOC's named H1125\H1126 built for Oman Shipping company was held in RSHI’s cutting center. (See page 18.)

The vessels, named Jazer, Yanqul, Al Kamil, and Wafi, will be chartered to Vale.

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l.hofley@yahoo.com said...

Remarkable story about these enormous super-ships. With hugh credit lines in balance it seems 'petty politics' have no place in these industries (unlike Boeing/Airbus etc.) Other countries going ahead with hugh projects should expand our limited outlook on how the 'world' does business. What a scoop. Love how the Italians 'rock' they're promos. Excellent blog! Please keep up the facinating stories. ylsif

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