Thursday, July 14, 2011


Ever notice after a "breaking" news story, the event drops off the front page and you rarely know what happened afterward?

The Fourth of July fire on the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Chuckanut Bay Trestle, looked like a major disaster!

The Maintenance of Way crew assessed the damages to the 212 foot long wooden trestle and removed damaged track panels.

New track panels were assembled on site. …

… and the structure was good to go late Tuesday afternoon following the Monday night fire. Fireworks are suspected of igniting the fire.

Looking good! All in a days work for BNSF MOW crews. In a few short months, when the "rainy" season begins and these fellows will be dealing with landslides once again!

Photos courtesy of Carl Johnson.

Up in North Berwick Main, the massive cleanup of garbage is complete, as reported by WCSH-TV, Portland Maine. Local stations have filed great follow-up stories. Unfortunately, the driver of the garbage truck was killed, when he skidded 200 feet into the path of the Amtrak "Downeaster" service.

Remember the collision of a Metrolink commuter train and a Union Pacific freight train in 2008?

2008. The accident occurred on September 12, resulting in the deaths of 24 folk, including the Metrolink engineer, injuring more than 100.

2010. The National Transportation Safety Board released its findings. The Board found the alleged text messaging by the Metrolink engineer, causing him to miss a red signal, was substantiated.

A judge in Los Angeles today (July 14) awarded an average of $4.2 M to each family of the deceased.

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