Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Yazoo Station: Bathtub Rings!

Port Townsend, today. Well, the floodwater has receded from the record flow at Vicksburg. Our Associate in Vicksburg, Marian Phillips, got her first views of the Yazoo & Mississippi Valley RR station, inundated by the Yazoo River. The Yazoo actually flowed backward for a while when it was overwhelmed by the Mississippi.

Marian also provided two interesting links, one of which shows the interior of the station before the flooding:

  • Marty Kittrell, photographer, posted great photos of the Yazoo Station, complete with bathtub rings. Marty also provided the headline photo for this installment. I recommend you spend some time prowling Marty’s site. He has some interesting shots of “ancient” locomotives.
  • Kodachrome Guy posted many interior shots of the Yazoo Station, taken in 2009. His site, "World of Decay," deserves some serious prowling; a lot of interesting material.
Apparently, the hearty station is still on track to become a museum and visitors attraction. The City of Vicksburg had secured a $1.6 M (USD) grant for renovation and upgrades.

Opening date is in September.

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Marian Ann Love said...

Thanks for the shout-out Robert and a very nice post. I know Marty and Kodachrome Guy appreciates the links as well!

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