Thursday, March 31, 2011

Always Expect A Train!

Port Townsend, today. We recently experienced a bad accident down in the southern part of Washington State, in which a van was struck by a Burlington Northern Santa Fe freight train, killing three people outright and severely injuring a fourth.

When we hear news reports about people being clipped at a crossing, particularly a crossing without warning lights or barriers, we shake our heads and say, "Geeze! People have got to be more careful when crossing tracks!"

This accident is particularly egregious because a train crew was riding in the van.

Coach America operates a shuttle van service that specializes in the transportation of train crews all over this region. More than one factor may be at play, which is creating more grief for all involved.

I almost went to work for that company several years ago. It was called Crew Shuttle Services at that time. The fates intervened and I ended up on a different career path.

But I will never forget the impressive
big sign on the back door of their vans which read, "Always Expect a Train!"

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