Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bridge 14 Revisited

Port Townsend, today. I recently received a comment to Bridge 14 De-Mystified. It didn't get published. I do not publish "anonymous" comments. This blog represents who I am; accordingly, accuracy is important.

Despite my safeguards, I do get tripped up from time to time. And so it was, when I got an "anonymous" comment about Bridge 14. In the original post, I drew upon commentary from "Movable Bridge Engineering" by Terry L. Koglin, PE [1]

Terry L. Koglin, PE, has worked with several of the world's premier civil and construction engineering firms specializing in movable bridges. His work on hundreds of projects includes type studies, design, construction, rehabilitation, inspection, and evaluation of all types of movable bridges.

So I placed a phone call to Mr. Koglin, to discuss the comment I had received. He returned my call today. I missed the opportunity to have a one on one with Mr. Koglin, which would have been very interesting, because I was out walking my pooch!

We did make contact via email. I am correct in referring to Bridge 14 as a Strauss Vertical Lift bridge. Strauss - the name of the designer; Vertical Lift - movement of the center span!

[1] John Wiley & Sons, Publisher, Hoboken, New Jersey, Copyright 2003, ISBN 10: 0471419605.

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très bien vos images sont impressionnant qui marque la bonne époque merci.

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