Saturday, May 8, 2010

National Train Day

Port Townsend, today. Today is National Train Day. This is Amtrak’s 3rd annual observance of National Train Day. A day set aside for you, your family - all of us - to celebrate our love affair with trains.

I was dumb-founded to discover, there is no event scheduled in Seattle, Washington, given the ongoing success story with the Amtrak "Cascades" service.

The Kelso Depot, built by the Northern Pacific, is one of more than 100 stations nationwide hosting family friendly events celebrating the importance of trains in American History. Kelso is about 100 miles south of Seattle - closer to Portland - on the I-5.

Historic railroad and train station photos are displayed inside the circa-1911 brick building. And the Longview-Kelso-Rainier Model Railroading Club set up a large operating model train display.

Volunteers will meet all eight daily regional "Cascades" trains and the long-distance "Coast Starlight" trains.

The beautifully restored station is owned by the city and is not staffed by Amtrak. Here you can read the full history of Kelso Station, which carries the official designation as a Great American Railroad Station, a tribute to the citizenry.

The date (May 8th) was chosen to coincide with the Last Spike Ceremony at Promontory Utah. My late wife and I were lucky to be in Utah during the 100th Anniversary, and saw reincarnations of the "Jupiter" and "UP 119."

See my article "Last Spike Then and Now" for a full accounting of our visit to Promontory Point in 1969.

And drop my a line to let us know what you did to celebrate your love affair with trains!

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Date: 5-10-2010
Request To Participate In: 4th National Train Day

Join-in the Pacific Northwest Train Day and help make Seattle Train Day
May 6-7-8 2011 an experience to live for a lifetime.

Visit: for more information.
Join the planning Committee:
Be a Sponsor:

If your Business or organization is interested in having a booth, register:

Contact: Louis Alloin
MAY 6-7-8, 2011
Start Time: 08:00 AM MAY 6, 2011
TRAIN DAY 7, 2011
End Time: 010:30 PM MAY 8, 2011

Seattle Train Day 2011 "CITY OF DESTINATIONS" Description: Washington State Train Day Foundation (Non-Profit) under leadership of American Train Destination Lines and Other Railway Organizations, Associations, Societies, Museums, Railway Services, Operating Railways and Exhibits/Displays will mark National Train Day Seattle 2011.

Event will be held between King Street Station "Pioneer Square, Union Station "International District" and Alaskan Way "Waterfront District".

There will be tables in King Street Union Station to serve Amtrak Passengers, a tables at Union Station and near the west end of the Weller St. Pedestrian Bridge for Sounders Commuter Train Services, Sound Transit Link Light Rail Stadium Station Tables, Stadium Exhibition Center Tables and Street Fair Tents. Including Tracked Exhibits and Railway Displays.

There will be: Golden Pike Photographic Contest, Iron Rail 5k Race, Iron Wheels Bike Race, Tug Boat Race, Street Fair, Carnival Rides, Musicians, Culture & Arts, Entertainment, Food & Beverage Concessions, Local Tour Services and Much More Fun For Whole Family.

Seattle Train Day 2011 will also coordinate with other Seattle activities: Sounders Game, Maritime Festival, Benaroya Hall Concert, McCaw Hall, Moore Theatre and much more.

Joseph said...

Can I just ask a question I've wanted to ask for a long time? I've noticed in the US they refer to stations as depots. Is this the term used for all stations or just larger terminals?

In Australia we generally use the term depot for a vehicle storage facility.

Sorry for the odd question.

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