Friday, October 9, 2009

Rolly Martin - CPR Engineer

From time to time I make a recommendation on a web site I feel is outstanding for it's interest, content, and presentation. Another such site is "Rolly Martin Country."

The writer, David Gagnon, relates the progress of a pilgrim - a young man from his early days riding "no pay" training trips through the awesome privilege of becoming a full fledged Canadian Pacific Railroad locomotive engineer.

A rare look at a slice of life that I fear has become a rare commodity, when a man was judged by his performance of duty, knowledge of his machine, and most important, the strength of his character. Character as my Dad defined it for me when I was a young man: "The moral strength to do the right thing even if no one is watching you."

This is not a quick in and out site. David is a good writer, and you'll fine yourself book marking this site for extended reading.

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Eric said...

Props to my brother Dave! Rolly Martin Country is an established citizen of the web, compared to my fledgling Trackside Treasure. His Lake Superior material is boilerplate for those interested in railroading in that part of Canada.

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