Wednesday, September 9, 2009

South Carolina's Hall of Shame

South Carolina is having a heck of a time shaking it's "hillbilly" reputation. The state has fielded one of the better teams of Republican dolts.

First the problem with Governor Sanford who goes AWOL and thinks he's done nothing wrong. And now tonight's absolutely incredible outburst at President Obama by Joe Wilson, Republican Rep from South Carolina.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with political dissent. It's the "American" way. But Wilson's outburst shows an ignoramus mentality. A hooligan. A total lack of moral fiber. How in the hell did he get elected?

Furthermore, the coward went into hiding shortly there after, rather than take the high moral ground of apologizing in person. His web site is "unavailable."

I feel the shame and sorrow of the decent citizens of South Carolina tonight.

What's that I hear in the background? Uhm. Sounds like the mumbler, Bob Dylan, who's been telling us now for what, since 1964 - that's 45 years! "The times they are a changing..."

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