Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Odds 'n Ends

From Canadian Railways Observations, Volume 3, Number 3. January 23, 2008, Norfolk Southern Harrisbury Line. Got to wonder if the conductor – the crew - ever bothers to take a backward glance once in a while to make sure whatever is in the consist is perking along just fine. And what about the detector? This video would tend to disclaim any notion that they do.

The individual taking the video called NS Police to report what he saw as the train passed him. NS 963, a light engine move, the sixth unit NS SD40-2 6199 caught fire when the traction motor failed causing the axle to lock. The train stopped short of CP Prescott after passing over the 79.9 detector announcing “no defects.”

Remember my hint for watching YouTubes: Start the playback, then hit pause, and wait for the progress bar to get nearly across the bottom of the screen. Then hit “play” for a flawless playback without the herky-jerky.

Electro-Motive Diesel will eliminate nearly 350 jobs at its McCook, Illinois plant starting in April 2009, according to a layoff notice filed with the state. This facility is used mostly for parts manufacturing. Thankfully, my late wife and I had the opportunity to see the manufacturing facilities during GM's Open House in 1989.

Electro Motive Corporation Canada, in London Ontario where the locos are constructed, plans to shed 600 jobs. Apparently, layoffs are in response to slackening during our uncertain times.

Stake out your favorite shooting location!

Southern Pacific 4449 will be doing a cross country trip beginning July 3rd 2009 launching from Portland Oregon, destination Minneapolis, Minnesota. Here is the tentative schedule, which is always open to modifications – bookmark 4449’s web site for up to date information:

July 3 - Portland, Oregon to Spokane, Washington
July 4 - Spokane, Washington to Whitefish, Montana
July 5 - Whitefish, Montana to Havre, Montana
July 6 – On display at Havre, Montana

July 7 - Havre, Montana to Minot, North Dakota
July 8 - Minot, North Dakota to Fargo, North Dakota
July 9 – On display at Fargo, North Dakota

July 10 - Fargo, North Dakota to Minneapolis, Minnesota
July 11 – 17 - Stored in Minneapolis, Minnesota

July 18 - Minneapolis, Minnesota to Chicago, Illinois
July 19 - Chicago, Illinois to Durand, Michigan
July 20 - 31, 2009 – On display, Owosso steam festival, Owosso, Michigan

August 1 - Durand, Michigan to Chicago, Illinois
August 2 - Chicago, Illinois to Milwaukee, Wisconsin
August 3 - Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Minneapolis, Minnesota
August 4 - October 12, 2009: SP 4449 in Minneapolis

She’s due to begin her homeward journey to Portland on October 13, arriving back at Brooklyn Yard around October 20th, 2009.

Finally, I am recommending two new web sites, written by brothers, yet completely different from each other in style and content.

The first is a blog, “Trackside Treasures,” written by Eric Gagnon. Advertised as “a mix of Canadian Rail Fan information, interesting, unique, and unlike other blogs.” If you are interested in Canadian railroad history, I think you will enjoy this site. Eric’s recent entries feature those magnificent structures that towered above the Canadian Prairies, how they were built must be a story unto it self.

Eric’s brother David Gagnon is the author of “Rolly Martin Country.” This site uses the paradigm of a man’s career to tell the story of Canadian railroading in a very effective presentation. Eric’s brother writes about his best friend, Rolly Martin, and connects Rolly’s career on the Canadian Pacific Railway to rail lore and operation of one of Canada’s two major carriers. The chapter on Rolly’s life from day one on the railroad through his retirement is a story you will not soon forget!

I have stated it many times just how fortunate we are to have the Internet that allows such diversity and information sharing. These are but two recent examples.

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That NS video is wild!

I'll miss the 4449, as it is going along the old NP, and I am on the GN.


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