Sunday, February 15, 2009

ALCo's High Hoods

New York, New Haven & Hartford Railway 0928, Readville NY, April 14, 1958. Prince Rupert, 1958. Whilst living in Prince Rupert, I began contacting other rail fans through the advertising in Trains and Railroad magazines. Through these connections, I traded negatives and photographs, recently uncovering a fistful of negatives from New Haven, New York Central, and Boston & Maine.

Geeze, talk about going back to my “Oil-Electric” beginnings, this little babe was erected in January 1940. Yet another distinctive body style by noted industrial designer Otto Kuhler, who designed dozens of famous locomotives. Here is an interesting before and after look at Mr. Kuhler's locomotive design magic! New Haven purchased 10 of 43 units built to the HH-660 specification.

ALCo’s “HH” designation stood for “High Hood.” The HH-600 was the progenitor to the HH-660, which was the precursor to the S1 and S3 second generation of ALCo switchers. I located a photo of one of 0928’s sisters, shot by Donald Haskel back in the atmospheric 1960’s with wood box cars, a gaggle of cabeese – simpler times.

Railroad Stuff: New York, New Haven & Hartford 0928 built as ALCo HH-660 switcher, January 1940, serial number 96229. The power supply was an in-line 6 cylinder, 4-cycle Macintosh-Seymour 538 diesel, rated at 660 hp. I remember the Macintosh Seymour diesel on one of the tugs my Dad worked on. Distinctive gait.

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