Friday, September 12, 2008

Pullman, Washington

Northern Pacific Railway 313, Pullman Washington, September 1961. So I have just arrived in Pullman for my Freshman Year, and am in “discovery” mode, prowling around with my camera, pleasantly surprised to find the Northern Pacific Railroad is not only here in town, but running both freight and passenger service.

As it turned out, the Northern Pacific, and to a lesser degree, Union Pacific Railroads ran a virtual spider web of rails throughout eastern Washington and the Palouse Country. Why? Grain, Lentils, Peas. The Palouse Country has extremely rich volcanic soils, which supports a thriving agricultural base.

This “modern day” map, published by the
Burlington Northern Santa Fe is very interesting, and I encourage you to grab a cup of coffee and prowl around this site, featuring photos of many historic grain elevators. Click on the map of Washington State for a list of grain elevator photographs.

Indeed Pullman, home of Washington State Agricultural College, now Washington State University, was represented by an honest to god cougar! Bringing in “Butch T. Cougar” in his cage on a trailer was usually the high spot of our home games! Butch passed away at the age of 15 in 1978, and was never replaced by a live animal.

Believe it or not, Pullman, out in the middle of no-where, actually had not one but
three railroads running through town!

- 1885, the Columbia and Palouse Railway.
- 1887, the Spokane and Palouse Railway.
- 1891, the Northern Pacific Railway.

Budd Car NP B-40, an RDC-3, normally serviced this passenger train running eastbound to Moscow Idaho, where the Northern Pacific connected with the Union Pacifc. But whilst I was shooting this photo, someone standing near me, mentioned that the Budd Car was out for annual servicing.

This is dramatic proof of the value of the Budd Rail Diesel Cars, to save monies! Instead of the locomotives, mail/baggage car, and passenger car, all of that is wrapped up into a single, highly efficient Budd Car.

Railroad Stuff: Northern Pacific Railway 313, built by Electro Motive Division as a GP-9, 1,750 hp, 1957, serial number 22716. Became Burlington Northern 1751 in 1970, and BNSF 1503. Sent to Morrison-Knudsen (Idaho), reborn as a

Northern Pacific Railway 307, built by Electro Motive Division as a GP-9, 1,750 hp, 1957, serial number 22710. Became Burlington Northern 1745 in 1970, and BNSF 1514. Sent to Morrison-Knudsen (Idaho) and reborn as a GP-28.

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LinesWest said...

Hello Sir, great post on Pullman (and Boxcabs too), I just graduated from there and appreciate seeing the photos of the NP working its way out of town. My wife and I have hiked quite a few miles of the old lines around there, the UP and the NP. One afternoon/evening we hiked the NP over Sunshine Hill, in full "exploration mode." With a setting sun and gold wheat fields, it's a fond memory of the place. Good memories, thanks for sharing as always. -Leland

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