Monday, August 11, 2008

Static Display #8 - CC&C #15

Cowlitz, Chehalis & Cascade #15, Chehalis Washington, June 10, 1962. Located just a few blocks off the I-5, we found this beautifully restored Mikado proudly on display – with a story with a different ending!

Originally built in 1917 for the Clear Lake Lumber Company, she was delivered marked as Puget Sound & Cascade 200. Uhm. Repossessed by Baldwin, she was re-sold to Cowlitz, Chehalis & Cascade as #15.

Not much was known about this operation, but this
article lays out the basics.

Following retirement in the mid ‘50’s, she was placed on display in Chehalis, with the following historical marker:

1917 – 1956. Here rests the “Old Lady” steam locomotive No. 15 built by the Baldwin Co. in 1917 – Mikado type 2-8-2 = Straight top boiler, Walchaert type valve gear – super heater engine(s) – Weight nearly 100 tons.

Cowlitz, Chehalis & Cascade Railway ‘no 15’ pulled thousands of logs to this area for nearly 27 years along its 32 mile route, making lumber one of our great major industries.

This museum piece placed here by our community for future generations.

Her remarkable condition lead to her being “salvaged,” rejuvenated, and placed back in revenue service on the
Chehalis – Centralia Railroad & Museum!

What a success story!

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