Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sperry Rail Service 131

Sperry Rail Service 131, Endako BC, Mile Post 0, Telkwa Subdivision, 1954. Here we find eastbound SRS 131 in the hole for a westbound movement. Upon careful examination of the photo, we can discern the white signal flags on head end, farthest from camera, indicating she is running on train orders running as an “extra” off the timetable.

Upon further examination of the photo, we can see there is a technician working on one of the induction shoes, where the magical “induction” takes place – introducing a heavy current into the rail to set up a magnetic field, which can be analyzed to find flaws in the rails.

This negative is more than 50 years old, and the silver coating is shedding, yielding a mushy photo. There is an additional 120 negative in this set, given to me by a technician on SRS 136 – see previous blog entry – but it is too far-gone. I spent an hour on it this evening, pulling out the power of SilverFast AI, hoping to get a usable photo. Even this shot is borderline!

While I only have the year these photos of SRS 131 were taken as opposed to the photos I shot in Prince Rupert of SRS 136 in 1958. This photo of SRS 131 was taken on the Telkwa Subdivision. Several days later, as she continued eastbound, she was “nailed” whilst waiting in the hole for a passing freighter at
Aleza Lake on the Fraser Subdivision, when a boxcar derailed and slammed into her!

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Railroad Stuff: Sperry Rail Service 131, built by St. Louis Electro Motive Corporation as Leigh Valley 27 in 1925, serial number 1376134, and acquired by Sperry in October, 1941.

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