Sunday, April 20, 2008

Prince Rupert Container Port - Update!

Seattle, April 19, 2008. In earlier posts, "Container Cranes Arriving," "Dedication Day," and "First Ship - First Train," I wrote about the massive state of the art container port, which opened for business in Prince Rupert last fall, operated for the Port Authority by Maher Terminals out of New Jersey.

Prince Rupert is 500 miles closer to Asian ports than all West Coast facilities. By building this facility, shipping companies can squeeze out an extra round trip sailing per year - a big money issue.

Since it's opening in September, 2007, containers take a mere 12 days travel time from Asia to Chicago.

A massive cooperative effort between the Port of Prince Rupert and the Canadian National, who invested a ton of money for new locomotives, stack cars, and line side improvements.

And there has never any bashfulness about the Port of Prince Rupert painting giant targets on Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and Long Beach to snatch up highly competitive and lucrative container business.

I've been hoping to get some shots of the container trains running through Northern BC, but apparently they are passing through areas I have contacts in, in the middle of the night! Where is O. Winston Link?

This article appeared in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer on Saturday, April 19. This meeting was set to discuss the impact of Prince Rupert's World Port.

My guess is, there is plenty to worry about!

Phase II, an expansion of the container port, is already on the drawing boards and scheduled for opening in 2012, just four short years from now!

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Forbes gives Canadian National, and the Prince Rupert Facility, a smooth write-up today:

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