Sunday, October 31, 2010

ROTEL - RV on Steroids! [Update]

[Originally published 3-29-08. Updated 10-31-2010. Fixed photo, links, added video clips.]

Rotel, Crater Lake National Park, Oregon, 1966.
Okay, Okay, this is billed as a railroad blog, but this is such an interesting vehicle, and one I am sure you’ve never seen, I thought I’d share it with you.

Whilst on a camping vacation at Crater Lake, (actually our honeymoon trip, I was still in the USAF) we tripped over this vehicle in the Lodge Parking lot. What is really neat is how this thing unfolds in the rear, exposing its kitchen cooking facilities, sorta like a chuck wagon! It is a totally self-contained hotel on wheels.

This unit I captured at Crater Lake in 1966, carried 16 passengers, a self contained kitchen used to prepare two hot meals per day, and individual roomettes overhead!

As I recall, this vehicle, with foreign plates, was based on a Mercedes chassis.

The company is based in
Germany, and has touring vehicles including hi-chassis four wheel drive units, on all continents. It is difficult to find out information about this company. They do not advertise in the USA because they don't want to compete against American tour companies. An ethics lesson here?

Rotel in Namibia. Click > to play

Takes "leave the driving to us!" to a new level. Here is a story of the Rolling Hotel or Rotel and a
fascinating account of travel aboard the ultimate recreational vehicle, including many photos of unit!
Check out this unit, on tour in India. Full bus with a three deck dormitory trailer! Sleeping cubicals are 3 feet high.

[Rotel in Tibet. Click > to play]

Wonder how many miles-per-gallon these beasts consume!

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