Sunday, February 7, 2010

BC Power Commission #84

BC Hydro #84, Burns Lake, Telkwa Subdivision, Tie Spur MP 34.6, November 25, 1959. Need your help with this one! I do know this is an emergency mobile 1,000 KW diesel generator, used to supply power to communities that have lost power.

From what I have determined, General Motors Division (GMD) London Ontario built about a dozen of these rail car power units.

Please let me know if you have any substantial information about these units. Those are definitely GMD cab unit entry steps on this car.

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Allen Hazen said...

Don't remember the exact date, but there was an article (by Preston Cook-- so, good, solid history even if it was in a model rail magazine) about EMD portable generating plants in "Railroad Model Craftsman" in ... early 2009. More were built at La Grange than at London, and there were several models: early ones had the "innards" of an F-3, some of the last the innards of an SD-45. I strongly recommend the article.

Robert in Port Townsend said...

Thanks for the information Allen. It has been my considerable experience that many times, substantial information come from modelers, who, by definition, are fanatical about details!

dwk said...

The BC Power Commission was a public utility established by the provincial government in 1945 to consolidate the operations of many small utilities outside the BC Electric service area. After amalgamation, BC Hydro began developing the hydroelectric potential of the Peace and Columbia rivers.

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