Saturday, March 22, 2008

All Aboard Washington!

It's amazing what you trip over whilst doing research on the Internet. While I was researching the NP - UP connection and track rights issues, I tripped over this web site, "All Aboard Washington."

I encourage you to pour a cup of coffee and do a reading. This gentleman has done his homework on the tough transportation issues facing Washington State residents.

Back in the late '60's whilst working at a Country Western Station, KBLE AM/FM, I hosted a 30 minute program called "We Believe in Seattle." On one of my programs, I interviewed a gentleman whose area of study was population densities and that relationship to transportation.

He pointed out that while the beauty of Seattle lies in her contact with water - the Puget Sound and Lakes Union and Washington, she is a fem fatal. Those bodies of water constrict viable transportation corridors.

Uhm. I see the Alaska Way Viaduct is down for inspection again. Am I ever glad I chose Port Townsend for my retirement!

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