Friday, February 22, 2008

Nomination for "Best Supporting Actor" #2

OWR&N 900309, Albina Yard, Portland Oregon, December 6, 1959. Most railroad photographers aim at the “stars,” – locomotives – with the thrill of the chase, the nailing of a specific motive power, and perhaps building up “roster shots” of their favorite locomotives.

But there is a whole bunch of candidates for “best supporting actor” – MOW - Maintenance of Way equipment that enable the “stars” to shine, sometimes overlooked!

I was 16 years old when I took this photo. On a trip to Portland to visit friends, the visit predictably turned into a rail photo shoot at Albina and North Portland.

Still bearing the name of Union Pacific's early incursion into the Pacific Northwest, we found an Oregon Washington Railroad & Navigation big hook at Union Pacific’s impressive brick engine shops at Albina. As I understand it this is an Industrial Brownhoist oil-burning derrick, built in August 1926; capacity of 160 tons.
Industrial Brownhoist was located in Bay City Michigan.

Click on the
"GO Industrial Brownhoist" button, located just above the upper left hand corner of the plant photo, to see a fantastic slide show of IB builders photos!

An employee later lamented that he knew the end was near when he watched Japanese visitors taking pictures in the plant, which closed in 1983.

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