Sunday, February 10, 2008

Canadian National Railways Livery

Canadian National Railways 9098, Prince Rupert BC September 1958. CN classified this unit as a "GFA-15d;” General Motors, Freight A, 1500hp. 4th order of this group. However, she was built as class V-1-A-d. Now that one I’m not sure of!

The Canadian National Railway pioneered the use of ditch lights about 1955 or '56. Not offered as a factory option in those days, light were bolted to the nose of cab units. Beams cross over 50 feet ahead of the engine. This gives a "round the corner" effect. While the crews did not appreciate the lack of slide protection provided by the cab units, you've must admire this livery. Oh. By the by, that's me, a mere lad of 15 hanging out the window!

Railroad Stuff: Canadian National Railways 9098, GMD F7A, 1500 hp, London, Ontario, 11/52, sn: A-385, retired 7/75, scrapped at Transcona, Manitoba.

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