Saturday, January 5, 2008

Engine on the ground!

Prince Rupert, September 1, 1959. Well, the ballasting gang has just ruined their day! Canadian National Railways SW1200RS 1275 and 1277, set up for a push-pull operation were pushing a bottom dump ballast car (far right in photo) around the wye, laying out new ballast, when things got a little out of hand, and 1275 “is on the ground!”

Here is the gang, in a torrential downpour (Prince Rupert averages about 8 feet of rain per year) digging out the trucks between the two units, to prepare for the laying of the re-railing frog. The fellow in the fedora hat on the gangway already muttered something about me trespassing, but undaunted, I continue shooting!

Well, after hours of work in relentless rain, the gang finally got 1275 back on her feet. You can see the re-railing frog on the track. It’s been an interesting afternoon, I am soaked and “Fedora hat” shoots me one last look!

And I’ve got to get past him to go home!

Railroad Stuff: CNR 1275 & 1277, GMD SW1200RS, Road Class GR-12k, both built 9/57, sn 1275 A-1171, 1277 A-1173.

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Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

I like coming to you site Robert, you have so many wonderful pictures of the early diesels. My Dad didn't like the diesel intrusion in the 1950's so he never took pictures. Out of all his collection I may have two diesel pictures.

Thank you for sharing

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