Thursday, January 17, 2008

Death Row #1

Northern Pacific, Stacy Street Yard, Seattle, July 1958. I was all of 15 years old when I tripped over an entire line of deadlined steam, at Stacy Street. We were still living in Prince Rupert, but had journeyed to Seattle for “vacation” and do some serious shopping at Sears-Roebuck (Sears Tower in background.)

1957-1958 seemed to be the defining time for Northern Pacific and Great Northern to put steam out to pasture. This group is just months away from the cutters torch. There were at least four 0-6-0’s and three 4-8-4’s including the famous Timken
Roller Bearing “Four Aces,” in this "death row."

I ran across an interesting reference to this 0-6-0 switcher as being “6-coupled SW.” Apparently this has to do with the rolling friction of the locomotive. At any rate, I am unfamiliar with the true meaning of this designation. Perhaps a reader can enlighten me!

Railroad Stuff: NP 1132, 0-6-0 oil burning switcher built by Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1910, plate number 34568. NP Class L-9. Stephenson valve gear; TE 312,200 lbs. Scrapped South Tacoma, October 1958.

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