Thursday, December 27, 2007

Like a period at the end of a sentence...

... the caboose marked the end of the train. December 26, 1959. Interbay Yard, Seattle.

I for one sorely miss the period at the end of the train. A FRED cannot give a friendly wave, or provide warm shelter on a windy rainy night. Great Northern's X20 is a 32’ steel caboose with a streamlined cupola, built as part of a series between January 1958 and March 1959 at GN’s St. Cloud shops. X280 is a 30’ steel caboose, built as part of a series between August 1941, and October 1951 at the same shop.

She is now used as an information center at the City Park, Wilson Creek – east of Soap Lake Washington on State Hy 28.

I learned early in my train riding adventures to never face the engine when enjoying a hot bowl of soup on a snowy afternoon. When I past the brakeman, trading ends of the train with him, one look at me and he knew I had learned another lesson!

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SDP45 said...

And it looks good back in its red GN paint too.

Come by and see it sometime.


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