Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Great Northern's RS-2's

Interbay Yard, Seattle, December 26, 1959. American Locomotive Works built the RS-2, featuring a 4-cycle 12 cylinder 1,500 hp model 244 motor. Developed to feast on the new demand for road switchers, ALCo was too late entering a market dominated by General Motors with the GP-7 and GP-9. Only 383 were sold.

It's my understanding that GN only ordered 20 of these units; numbered 200 through 219. Two of them, #200 and #201, went to the "locomotive pool" that made up the Spokane, Portland & Seattle Railroad.

Hard to find preserved units. The Western Pacific rail museum has two on display, Kennicott Copper #2 and #908.

Railroad Stuff: Built by Alco August 1949, sn 81849, 1,500 hp. Empire Builder scheme, never suffered the indignity of the Big Sky Blue, NO steam generator, finally traded to General Electric for a U-boat, U25B in February, 1964.

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