Monday, November 19, 2007

Puget Sound Railway Historical Association

Seattle, 1960. I joined the Puget Sound Railway Historical Association. Shown here is a copy of their membership application. Cost for me was $10.00 per year. 

As I recall, we had monthly meetings in an old NP business car parked on a siding beside Owens Glass, on E. Marginal Way across the street from the then Consolidated Freightways Terminal. Little did I know that I would work for a CF subsidiary, Freightliner Corp years later!

The meetings included discussions of the progress out at Snoqualmie Falls rail site, up-coming work parties, followed by a slide show or home movies and refreshments. It was there I met a fellow, Elwin Purington, with whom I spent many hours chasing trains in the Valley, Black River, Cedar Falls, Stacey Street, Argo, and Van Asselt (in honor of Henry Van Asselt – 1817-1902?)

The Association in 1961 or ’62, published an eight-page illustrated roster of their equipment, including three tank engines. 0-4-0T Minnesota & Ontario Paper Company Davenport, an 0-6-0T Canadian Collieries (Dunsmuir) Limited, Baldwin #17, built in 1886, and 2-6-2T Port of Olympia. 

September 4, 1960. Union Bay (Vancouver Island) BC. This scruffy crew are members of the Puget Sound Railway Historical Association, posing on Canadian Collieries (Dunsmuir) Limited #14, Baldwin, 1898. This crew was dispatched to Union Bay, Vancouver Island, to prepare this locomotive, a 2-6-0T #17, and a coal car for shipment to Snoqualmie Falls for the museum.

Robert Dunsmuir owned major coal interests on Vancouver Island. You remember him; he donated the water fountain located in Dunsmuir, California. Union Bay was the end of the coal line, with a massive elevated dock for loading ships, bound for San Francisco.

While the adults partied all night, two youngsters – me at far left, and my buddy next to me, were given orders to light off #14 in the morning, so she could be used during our chores. Big mistake. What did we know about lighting a boiler!

Railroad Stuff: Canadian Collieries (Dunsmuir) Limited #14, 4-6-0, Baldwin Locomotive Works 1884.

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