Monday, November 2, 2009

Scale Test Car

July 1958, Prince Rupert. Scale Test Car CNR 52108, positioned in accordance with the employee timetable special instructions, just ahead of the caboose. Scale test cars are of a known weight, and used to calibrate local scales on a regular basis. Notice the locks on the weight compartments to discourage tampering with the certified weight of the car.

In Prince Rupert, tank cars of fish oil were most commonly weighed, so that customers could be properly billed for transport. Out at the pulp mill at Port Edward, the scale test car would be used to calibrate the mill’s on-site scale, to insure they were tendering correct weights of cars loaded with pulp products.

Knowing car weight for the entire train is important for assigning adequate locomotive power for efficient train service. And because the car is moving in the evening freight consist, this train, in accordance with special instructions for this subdivision, will be limited to 30 mph!

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