Sunday, October 28, 2007

Tight Fit!

May 1965. It’s a tight fit in the cab of an EF-1. Click on photo to enlarge. Looking carefully you can make out the curved radius of the 16 notch throttle controller.

As I recall, these units were part of a growing scrap heap out back of South Tacoma Shops. Built in 1915 by Alco-GE, A+B were semi-permanently coupled, the pair rated at 3,000 hp. While the road is still operating when these photos were taken, this place always had an ominous empty feeling ...

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Unknown said...

So THAT'S what the Box Cabs looked like inside...awesome! Only one I've seen in person is displayed downtown in Harlowton MT. If only the Milwaukee had held out with their electrics for a couple more years; history would probably be different.

Thanks for the great pic!

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