Friday, October 15, 2021

Oil-Electric Turns 14!

It all began with a major disagreement with a popular web rail site. 

A friend advised me of the freedom I could enjoy, writing and posting what ever I wanted, by authoring a Blog.  Nearly 800 entries and 2.8m hits later. Still hanging on.

Like many of you, especially single retirees, I succumbed to the mind-numbing isolation as a result of the COVID event.

Like I told my PCP, your day is as normal as before the pandemic. Sure, you've cleaned out all the outdated and useless magazines in the waiting room, but you have a steady steam of bodies coming and going out of your office.

When I leave your office and return to my brain-numbing isolated apartment. No human contact for days on end.

However, several articles are on the ramp; don't count me out — just down.

As a refresher, I invite you to read the first posting, Oct 6, 2007.

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Steve Boyko said...

Happy 14th anniversary, Robert!

Robert in Port Townsend said...

Thanks Steve — been trying to catch up with you, but you got a two year head start on me!!

SDP45 said...

Welcome back!


Unknown said...

Pleasure meeting you today. L2obe reading your blog, good information.
Michael the ER tech.

Robert in Port Townsend said...

SPD45: Took a while to shake the effects of COVID-19 on daily life. But I am working my way through the fog. BTW,I worked as a relief DJ whilst the normal dude was in Hospital. KDFR was owned by the same group as my "home" station at KTIL in Tillamook.

How is THIS for a "Golden Oldy: "Frank Del Vecchio, former owner of local Radio Station KFDR, was sentenced to serve up to 15 years in prison for each of two counts of grand larceny and second degree burglary by presiding Okanogan County Judge B.E. Kohls. He was convicted of breaking into a Pacific Northwest Bell Mountain station and stealing radio equipment valued at $3,000. The equipment was later recovered from the bottom of Banks Lake. He still has an outstanding charge of violating his parole in Lincoln County in connection with burning his own radio station KFDR about two years ago."

Several times a day, booming blasts shook the air, as they chopped off the east end of Grand Coulee Dam, to install the 3rd power house!

And every afternoon, AP Teletype would go berserk printing out gobbledygook, as t-storms passed by. Learned quickly to save morning split to do the noon news, and maybe the 5pm, just in case!

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