Friday, October 15, 2021

Oil-Electric Turns 14!

It all began with a major disagreement with a popular web rail site. 

A friend advised me of the freedom I could enjoy, writing and posting what ever I wanted, by authoring a Blog.  Nearly 800 entries and 2.8m hits later. Still hanging on.

Like many of you, especially single retirees, I succumbed to the mind-numbing isolation as a result of the COVID event.

Like I told my PCP, your day is as normal as before the pandemic. Sure, you've cleaned out all the outdated and useless magazines in the waiting room, but you have a steady steam of bodies coming and going out of your office.

When I leave your office and return to my brain-numbing isolated apartment. No human contact for days on end.

However, several articles are on the ramp; don't count me out — just down.

As a refresher, I invite you to read the first posting, Oct 6, 2007.