Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Season's Greetings 2019!

WABCO - 1941

I found this knee-slapper in an old back issue of  TRAINS. But forgot to annotate it as to what issue I found it in! Spent considerable time trying to re-find it, to no avail.

•  The Canadian Pacific Holiday Train ***Christmas Train***
•  2018 Christmas Truck Parade Along Beach Drive, Oak Bay, Victoria, B.C.
•  Seattle Boat Christmas
•  Charlie Pride "Christmas in My Home Town."

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Unknown said...

Merry Christmas from the Deep South Robert. Great NP photo.

Dori's Day said...

Thus is great. Seeing the advertising reminds me of Americana. Loved it!

Lesley said...

Life was so much easier then. Great Ads! Glad we were able to experience them. Merry Christmas. ylsib

Unknown said...

thanks as always for an interesting article. Hope you had an excellent Christmas. Happy 2020!!. Ginny J

Unknown said...

Hi, I'm curious if your buddy you refer to as El Purrington is the same Elwin Purrington I new in the late 60's from West Seattle/Burien and published the record Whistle round the Bend? Wondering if he is still living. Jeff

Robert in Port Townsend said...

Greetings, Jeff. Yes, Elwin is Elwin. I met him at the Puget Sound RW Historical Society, which used to meet at Owens Glass down on 1st Ave South. Elwin last resided in Olymppia, about two miles from my parents, which I did not know about for a dozen years! He passed away about a decade ago, with the big mystery, what ever happened to the hundreds of wire and tape recordings he recorded. "Whistle Round the Bend" was his interpretation of an editorial written in the Christian Science Monitor. Elwin attended 14th Church of Christ Scientist at 36th and Barton for a number of years with my family. Type "Elwin" into my Blog search engine in the right margin, to read about our railroading adventures!

SDP45 said...

You still out there?


Robert in Port Townsend said...

Hello Dan. Still on planet. Just got a little burned out. Taken time to upgrade my system to Windows 10. What a confusing pain in the ass! Working on several new topics, hopefully get people's minds thinking about something more than the odious prez.
Stay tuned!

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