Friday, December 22, 2017

Merry Christmas!

The two years we lived in Prince Rupert, 1957 through 1959, are among the most memorable experiences of my formative years, age 14 - 16.

I became immersed in the exciting world of locomotives and trains. An eager student — ferroequinologist — of the Iron Horse.

Two Geeps and a Steam Generator Car drawing Santa's sleigh (caboose.) Notice one little cookie cruncher pointing to Dad; another taking an interest in me! The car in the background is an "Instructional Car." Steam is giving way to diesel, and there is a lot to learn!

Moreover, the timing of my indoctrination; exquisite! Diesel replacing steam. Traction motors replacing steam chests. Voltage meters replacing water glasses. Strident air horns replacing musical steam whistles.

Penny, my office manager, and I, thank you for your continued readership, and wish a very Merry Christmas and auspicious beginning for 2018!

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