Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Merry Christmas! Happy Hollidays!

I was scratching my head trying to think of something profound to write in the annual Christmas post.

Zip. Nothing.

However, I did get a chuckle when I think back to my childhood.

Christmas was nifty!

One of the traditions my folks had was to place a Christmas stocking filled with candy, nuts, the obligatory Mandarin orange, and a "minor" present on the bed post of our beds.

The best stuff was under the tree!

Back in the '50's we lived over in West Seattle. Dad built me a great bedroom in the basement of our two bedroom house, giving my sister and I separate digs.

Christmas Eve:  I heard the creaking of the steps as my Dad (Santa Clause) approached to loop my stocking over the foot post of my bed.

Feining sleep, I dared not move until the coast was clear.

Once the basement light went out, I moved into action to dump my treasures on the bed.  But "nature called." So I had to make my way upstairs to the loo.

When I returned to my cave, the sock and all its contents were GONE!

This resulted in a roar of laughter when I sat down for breakfast with the family!

I appreciate your reading the Blog, and hope you find something of interest!

This years Christmas card photograph is one of my favorites. It captures the youth and vitality that permeated the Pacific Great Eastern railway.

Negative Number D15:  Shot on November 26, 1959, at Williams Lake, B.C. We were returning to Seattle following three exciting years in Prince Rupert. I spotted the yard just down the street from where we had lunch.

And baby, it was damn cold outside!

The fellow in the white hat is the Conductor.  He chatted with me briefly before I took this shot. I was 16; he seemed to be 18!

This was super exciting for me to spot this duet of 4-cycle burblers, having all of my 3 years experience around the chanting V-16's.

The trainman, wearing a magnificent Indian Sweater, is signaling the fireman as the power pack connects to its northbound consist. (The RS-3 is the lead unit.)

•  PGE 570, RS-3, built Montreal Locomotive Works 8/53, sn 79122, retired 31 Dec 85.
•  PGE 580, RS10, built Montreal Locomotive Works 5/56, sn 81538, retired and scrapped 31 Dec 85.

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Marian Ann Love said...

I enjoyed reading about your childhood memories of Christmas past. Wishing you and Ginger Snap a very Merry Christmas all the way from a civil war town of Vicksburg, Mississippi! :)

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