Friday, September 18, 2015

Three Hours You'll Never Get Back!

That's how "The Nightly Show" host Larry Wilmore characterized the so-called Republican Debate broadcast by Cable News Network (CNN) Wednesday night.

Like the proverbial moth "attracted by the flame," I, too, wasted three hours of my life, watching this shameless Republican nonsense.

It's like you to have been duped into watching a dreadful movie. But instead of switching it off, you keep watching. You ask yourself, "How much worse can this get?"

How sad that the USA, a technologically advanced country of 321.7 million souls, and counting, offers a pitiful handful of emotionally exhausted and morally bankrupted misfits, who aspire to be President of the United States.

As a group, totally undisciplined, lacking anything resembling character, prattling inane lies and fabrications.

As one who remembers Ted Turner's gutsy notion that viewers would support a television network running news, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, one asks the question, why is Ted Turner allowing this?

Unfortunately, CNN long ago abandoned its hard core news model, succumbing to faux news entertainment paradigm.

And let's not even discuss the structure of these so-called "debates."Suffice, they are NOT debates, by any stretch of the imagination!

Does it rankle you, as it does me, when the "moderator" of these events never press the candidate for a direct answer, nor do they call out an outright lie! As when Jeb! made the claim that the US was safer after his brother became President!

That is an outright lie! 

Bush took office in January, nine months before the attack on the World Trade Center.

And who was the mysterious passenger in Ronald Regan's Air Farce One?

The entire three hour comedy special had a few stand out moments, one of which was the question every voter in the United States needed to have answers to, besides jobs, the economy, etc., the question "Whose picture would you place on the revised $10 currency?" 

Remarkably, Trump, Cruz, and Rubio, elected "Rosa Parks." And did so with characteristic Republican piety.

They seem to have forgotten that Parks was a political activist for the very same movements the GOP loves to target; the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

Mrs. Parks was an avid supporter of Planned Parenthood. She even served on its Board!

As Rick Perry once said, also during a presidential debate, "Oops!"

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