Sunday, September 27, 2015

"Blood Moon" Lunar Eclipse

Tried my hand at astronomical photography this evening, the "Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse."

These InfoGraphics tell us the basics of what we were treated to this evening.

I am located in the West Coast Time Zone

For inquiring minds who need to know:

Camera:  Nikon P7800
Date Shot: 9/27/2015 20:59:00
Image Quality: Jpeg Fine (8 bit)
Focal Length: 171.2mm
Digital Zoom Ratio: 4.0
Focus Mode: AF-Spot
Vibration Reduction: Off
Aperture: f/4
Shutter Speed: 1/125s
Scene Mode: Night Landscape (Tripod)
Exposure Comp: 3.0EV
Metering: Spot
ISO Sensitivity: ISO 80
White Balance: Auto 1.0.0
Noise Reduction: Off
Active D-Lighting: Off
Picture Control: Standard

I am still learning my way around this camera, and forgot to shoot RAW. And I had to resort to kicking in the dreaded "Digital Zoom," or as I refer to it, the "Kiss of Death."

But I selected this camera for the remarkable "Nikon Glass."  

I forgot about the color changing; but one of my test shots, through the trees, hinted of the redness, hence the name "Blood Moon."

Again, the religious zealot prognosticators were foiled; the end of the earth did not happen!

Not to worry if you missed this event. In 2033 the moon turns red again!

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