Friday, May 8, 2015

Streaming Tornado Chasers!

Want something more exciting to watch besides a baseball game or golf? Try this web site; TVNWeather.

Click on the "Live Stream Chasing" tab, then select "Active Storm Chasers." Broadcast in real time, this site follows storm chasers tracking tornadoes in Tornado Alley. "Live Storm Tracking" just added to "Sites of Interest" on this Blog.

 When you select a chase, either from the list or simply click on a red button, up comes a real time video stream, most in HD. And watch the chasers in real time as they maneuver toward a "hot spot."

Pass your mouse over the bottom right corner of the video picture to reveal "Live broadcast" menu, and click on the "size arrows ↔ to enjoy camera views FULL SCREEN ("esc" returns your view to normal.)

The Full HD videos reveal just how flat Saskatchewan is ...

Theses fellows seem to be a tad bit more passionate than train chasers ("foamers," a term which I detest.) Just watched an intense chase east of Oklahoma City. Three chasers northbound on a rural farm road, all three blowing past a stop sign!

As you know, this weather phenomena is at once awe inspiring, beautiful, deadly and destructive. And scientists are still puzzling over how these monsters come to life!

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