Saturday, January 31, 2015

Go Hawks!

Permit me the indulgent pleasure of using my voice - my Blog - to rave my football team, the Seattle Seahawks.

To relive the final four minutes of a playoff series wherein the Hawks came from behind by points to win the division playoff, is pushing the limits of this old veteran with three stints in his heart!

Reporters descended upon folk leaving CenturyLink early, assuming a loss to Green Bay, and to beat traffic out of the stadium. Those folk were reduced to quivering bodies of shame!  Some, rumor has it, have already move out of Seattle!

The Seahawks are in position to defend that championship because of an improbable confluence of events — improbable to anyone not scampering around their locker room afterward, dispensing and accepting hugs after a 28-22 victory over the Green Bay Packers. A 35-yard touchdown pass from Russell Wilson to Jermaine Kearse clinched the win in front of the largest announced crowd, 68,538, in CenturyLink Field’s history.

I've been wound up all this week!  And remarkably, many folk who have not had a particular interest in sports, never mind foot ball, have been infected with the 12th Man Fever!  It's all over my small town. Safeway is flying the 12th man flag, cars driving by flying the 12 man flag, people all over town wearing Seahawks jerseys!

Symbolically, Scrap-It Recycling's "Shearhawk" destroys New England Patriot's tour buses in Ferndale, Washington scrap yard.

Laying in a good supply of beer, chips, and dip for tomorrows big game!

Go Hawks!

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GO HAWKS ! Which ever way it goes this team is Super Winners. Greatest Season ever.

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