Saturday, June 21, 2014

What's Going On Here?

Just watched a Greg Scholl video on RFD-TV.

The video featured CN and CP snow plow action in Ontario, back in the day. Pretty bland stuff on flat lands. However, at the very end of the program, there is a dramatic sequence of a snowplow wreck, as related by one of the CN plow operators!

CN 9166 and CN 9167 were modified for snowplow service in southern Ontario by providing removable steel grill for the windshield, a cover over the roof-mounted radiator fans, and covering intakes over side louvers.

•  CN 9166 was originally built as CNR 9110 by General Motors Division (GMD) in London, Ontario, in October, 1952. Rebuilt as CN 9166 in June, 1973.

•  CN 9167 was originally built as CNR 9100 by GMD in London, Ontario in October, 1952. Rebuilt in July, 1973.

Both were reclassified as F7Au.

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Eric said...

Winterization hatch for snowplow service? The F's were used in southwestern Ontario plow trains due to their lack of walkways that collected snow.

Brad Kayganich said...

That was to prevent snow from clogging the intakes and fans.

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