Saturday, February 1, 2014

Seattle Seahawks: Become Washington State Ferries!

In addition to flying the 12 Man flag all this week,  Governor Inslee has decreed that each Washington State Ferry be re-named in honor of each of the Seahawks starting offense and defense team members.

For example, our Port Townsend - Keystone (Coupeville) run, the  M/V Kennewick will be starting guard "M/V James Carpenter."

The vessel "re-naming" is symbolic only. I say that because the emails flooding comments to local TV station "Comments" threads, display a rant or two about the "expense" of re-naming State Ferries!


During Super Bowl Sunday, the vessels Seahawk name will be used on all on-board public address messages concerning arrival and departure information, including the supercilious "Please check around your seat for any personal belongings you may have brought onboard with you." announcements.

The Washington state ferry system has 22 vessels in its fleet.  Here is Sundays "starting line-up:"

• M/V Cathlamet: “M/V Malcom Smith”
• M/V Chelan: “M/V Zach Miller”
• M/V Chetzemoka: “M/V J.R. Sweezy”
• M/V Elwha: “M/V Chris Clemons”
• M/V Evergreen State: “M/V Byron Maxwell”
• M/V Hiyu: “M/V Breno Giacomini”
• M/V Hyak: “M/V Kam Chancellor”
• M/V Issaquah: “M/V Russell Okung”
• M/V Kaleetan: “M/V Doug Baldwin”
• M/V Kennewick: “M/V James Carpenter”
• M/V Kitsap: “M/V Bobby Wagner”
• M/V Kittitas: “M/V Tony McDaniel”
• M/V Klahowya: “M/V Bruce Irvin”
• M/V Puyallup: “M/V Marshawn Lynch”
• M/V Salish: “M/V Max Unger”
• M/V Sealth: “M/V Brandon Mebane”
• M/V Spokane: “M/V Golden Tate”

• M/V Tacoma: “M/V Russell Wilson”
• M/V Tillikum: “M/V Michael Robinson”
• M/V WallaWalla: “M/V Earl Thomas”
• M/V Wenatchee: “M/V Richard Sherman”
• M/V Yakima: “M/V Red Bryant”

To see a photo of the vessel of your choice, Google the vessel name, such as "M/V Tacoma."

Look for the "Washington State Ferries" or "WSF"  result.

A sneak peak preview of the Future of the State Ferry system. The Olympic Class 144-car M/V Tokitae under construction at Vigor Industrial, Seattle.

 "Tokitae" is Coastal Salish greeting "Nice day, pretty colors."

The superstructure was erected at Nichols Brothers Boatbuilders of Freeland, Whidbey Island, Washington. Shipped by barge to Vigor Industrial on Seattle's Harbor Island, on Sunday, March 3, 2013. On Tuesday, March 5, 2013, the superstructure was finally placed on top of the hull.

Video: Courtesy WSDOT.

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