Sunday, February 2, 2014

Mile Post 700

What with all of the excitement of the Seattle Seahawks victory,

it was easy to overlook the passing of a Mile Post meaningful to me. The "Seahawks Ferries" was our 700th Blog posting!

These past seven years have been educational and exceptional. I hope our adventures have been exciting for you as well!

I have been to places and seen railroads that I could never have experienced without the Internet.

From the iron ore railroad of South Africa to the heavy iron in Brazil; from the exciting emergency oil delivery in the Bering Sea, to the southern tip of South Africa, and of course my personal journey with my family and Dad, which was the original content of this Blog seven years ago.

And I owe it all to Kurt Clark in Seattle.  We've never met. But I continue to follow his pilgrimage on "Wet Rails."

Back in the day, Kurt and I exchanged opinions about the web site of the "leading railroad" posting site. Turned out, that is like "looking for answers where there is no answers."

Obviously a 1%'er site.

Sensing my frustration, Kurt encouraged me to write a "Blog."

Blog?  I had no idea or which he spoke.

But thanks to Kurt, I stumbled amongst Google Blog and  have found "my voice."

Seven hundred posts filed - and I have much more to say!

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Happy Milepost! I'm so glad you never gave up- All the diligence and hard
work you have put in this blog is WORTHWHILE! Although you may never have heard from the people who read it, I'm sure they feel the same way. It is astounding how much research and time you have spent to present another side of each issue and story and keeps the readers well informed. Thanks for increasing my education and including such wonderful photos. Please keep it going.

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