Friday, January 17, 2014

Stop "Fast Tracking" the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP): Canadian Version

Hello my Canadian readers!  The good news is, I appreciate your support.  The bad news is a trade agreement Canada intends to sign, which will have far-reaching implications for individual Canadian rights and civil liberties.

As with the United States, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement favors corporate interests over consumers.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement proposes sweeping reforms over pharmaceuticals, publishers, patents, copyrights, trademarks, civil liberties and liability of internet service providers.

If instituted, the TPP’s Internet Provider regime would trample over individual rights and free expression, as well as ride roughshod over the intellectual and creative commons.

 If you read, write, publish, think, listen, dance, sing or invent; if you farm or consume food; if you’re ill now or might one day be ill, the TPP has you in its cross-hairs.

Canada joined TPP negotiations along with Mexico in 2012.

Suggested Reading:
• Trans-Pacific Partnership: 11 Things Harper Doesn't Want To Reveal About the Secretive Trade Pact.

• Senator Max Baucus, ironically a Democrat from Montana, has at least 11 million reasons to promote Fast Tracking the Trans-Pacific Partnership. 

But he has nothing to fear about voter retribution over his push on TPP, since he is not seeking re-election.  

In fact, he will be rewarded for his efforts!  As an ardent Obama supporter, he's lost my backing, first on the Fast Tracking of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and then, the audacity of selecting Max Baucus as an Ambassador!

I have a sinking feeling all politicians lack integrity.  I plan to write Obama on this issue, Stay tuned for results, if any.

And you believed used-car salesmen were bottom feeders!

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Eric said...

Well, I'll certainly keep my eyes and ears open for you on this, Robert. Though the UX-Canada free trade agreement was supposed to save jobs, most actually went to the US. THEN, most of those seem to have gone south, to the far east, or otherwise offshore from the US.

In terms of Wal-Mart, yes, we shop there, and as in the US, the corporation is guilty of sucking all the life out of small towns and urban downtowns. This was predicted, and the predictions were true.

It's too bad the work 'track' is used in any of this TPP propaganda. A perfectly good railway term ruined!
Eric Gagnon
Kingston, Ontario, Canada

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